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Understanding the 4 Cs Before Buying A Diamond Ring

When you’re looking for a piece of jewelry with any sort of diamond, you’re probably wondering why one ring that looks exactly identical to another costs more. That’s because of a little something called the “4 Cs.”

Think of every diamond as having its own personality since every single one is completely different (even if it looks the same to the naked eye).

So, what are the 4 Cs and how do they play a role in the beauty of a diamond for fashion jewelry or a diamond engagement ring?


Cut is the most important factor that affects the beauty of the diamond and is different than the shape of the diamond. It refers to the arrangement of the diamonds’ facets and the craftsmanship quality such as proportion, angle and polish. Cut is what will affect the sparkle of your diamond and how it interacts with light to create ‘fire’. This scale ranges from excellent—meaning it has an even pattern of bright and dark areas and is not too shallow or deep—to poor, where a diamond is limited by its weight ratio.

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