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Sydney Lynch Jewelry: Going, Going, Gone…

If you love Sydney Lynch jewelry, you’ll want to act now! Hurry in because soon it’s going to be going, going, gone. Sydney Lynch announced toward the beginning of January that she will not make any more jewelry. She’s not “retiring,” she’s just riding off into the sunset looking for new adventures — including a nine week vacation in Mexico in March. We couldn’t be more happy for her (and sad for us). Her unique jewelry style will be forever missed.

Sydney Lynch Jewelry - Josephs Jewelers

Lynch has been a jeweler for 45 years. She started her career in the 70’s in Boulder, Colorado. She began and ended her 35 year career at the American Craft Council Show. Her inspiration for jewelry came from nature. Even as a child, Lynch roamed and collected objects from woods and beaches that she would later put into patterns and groupings to inspire her designs.

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