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Holiday Giftware Favorites with Betty

Reindeer, gift-giving and hot cocoa are all great, but have you looked at our giftware for the holiday season? It will remind you that winter should definitely be on your list of favorites (or at least for decorating). Our giftware buyer, Betty, has a few favorites for the season that would be great for any home.

1. Swarovski Santa Claus

Swarovski Santa Claus FigurineIf you’re looking for something that will make you smile, this is what you’re looking for! Santa’s vibrant red suit with his arms stretched out and open makes it look like he’s going to give you a big hug. This spectacular Santa piece has 550 facets of red, clear and black crystals. To easily get into the holiday spirit, place Santa with his reindeer, sleigh and elves for an enjoyable display for all ages.

2. Houston Llew Limited Edition “Glow” Spiritile

Houston Llew Glow SpiritileOne of Houston Llew newest spiritiles is this limited edition one, and it sure is fun! The colors create a warm atmosphere with the effect of ‘icy’ windows with beaming light. This item will look great sitting above your cozy fireplace or in the living room alongside other holiday decorations. The quote on the side is an Irish Blessing that reads “may the blessing of light be upon you, light around you and light within you.”

3. Simon Pearce Hand Blown Evergreen Trees

Simon Pearce Giftware - glass evergreen trees

These lovely evergreens can create a modern atmosphere all year long making them the perfect addition to any home. You can put them on your mantel or down the center of your dining table for a classy look. This item looks great on top of Simons’ rechargeable LED light base to help illuminate the glass tree to bring out the mesmerizing textures. These come in clear, bubble, snowy branches, silver leaf or five-sided trees.

New this year: The newest tree is an Echo Lake tree. It’s wrapped in fine strands of glass around a conical center; just put your mini lights inside and watch it glow.

4. Vietri Old St. Nick

A fun Vietri giftware display featuring Lastra Holiday and Old St. Nick

This timeless and classic collection features handcrafted whimsical designs that would make a great table display for a holiday get together with family or friends. Use our idea above to make a centerpiece with Evergreen Trees that would look great paired with these dinner plates, serving bowls and platters. You could also buy some garland to make a simple yet festive table display.

Another notable collection is the Lastra Holiday featuring evergreen trees on a white background and cardinals sitting on branches.

5. Ornaments

Christmas tree with ornaments at Josephs Jewelers in West Des Moines

Start a new tradition by beginning to collect a new ornament each year. We have a large collection of playful and festive holiday ornaments. Josephs has them hanging on a Christmas tree to give you a glance on how you can use each piece in your own home. Vietri also offers some hand-painted ornaments that are unique.

The Benefits of Shopping Local

With the millions of shopping options out there, it might be hard to recognize all the super awesome benefits that come with shopping locally!

There’s been a big movement that began in 2010 called “Shop Small Saturday” which began as a way to help local businesses rebound from the recession. This day is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving and has since gained popularity with people shopping local as a weekly routine. There are soooooo many reasons why you should join the trend and keep it local.

Here’s how you can both benefit from it:

1. It helps strengthen the economy. Why would you not want to do that?! The money that goes to local businesses is worth THREE TIMES MORE than shopping at a big-box retailer (and 50 times more than an online mega-retailer)

2. You can avoid ridiculous set prices. Be wary of pricing at larger retailers as a lot of prices are set and cannot be. That’s not likely for smaller businesses. They want you to find something in your price range while making sure you’re getting the biggest band for your buck.

3. Small businesses go above and beyond! When you shop local, you truly are getting a VIP treatment. There is more than one way that small businesses do this. These places can give you a special discount for being a loyal customer. They can quickly order an out-of-stock item from a local vendor because they have a good relationship. They might even remember your name next time you visit!

4. Customers are everything. Almost everyone in a local business will bend over backwards to “break” a few rules and make sure you’re happy with your purchase and pricing. Compared to big chains, these local businesses will give you some of the best customer service you will ever have. They want to build trust and have a relationship with you. They will do everything they can to hold their promises.

5. Did an item break? Was the quality bad? Was it not what the person expected? With big-box retailers, you can wait on the phone for hours before finally getting an answer to your questions. Local businesses understand how precious your minutes are and will have an answer and suggestion for you (hopefully) as soon as you call, email or pop in! There’s no need to wait for someone who actually has your answer because any of the associates should be able to help.

Next time you’re looking for a gift of any sort, remember to shop local — everyone benefits from it!


Stop by our West Des Moines location on Shop Small Saturday to shop, and if you’re one of the first 10 customers to make a purchase, you’ll get a surprise tote bag!

Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Pearls

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic pearl earrings, a necklace or even a bracelet! As Jackie Kennedy once said, “pearls are always appropriate.”

Whether you’re going out to a fancy dinner with your husband, purchasing a gift for someone or looking for something simple to go with your everyday outfits, pearls have endless options that will always keep you in style! It’s important to know that there is not one type of pearl; each is unique in its own way. Deciding which fits best with your personality can be a difficult decision, which is why we’re here to help. Keep reading to find out about the different types of pearls along with some not-so secret tips that can help you find your ‘pearl’fect match.

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The Ten Best Proposal Spots in Iowa

We know how stressful planning a big proposal can be. You have to tell your friends and family, shop for an engagement ring they’ll love that is also in your budget, and then you have to figure out where to propose. At this point you’ve probably already completed the first two steps, now you just need to find a location that’ll make her say wow.

Iowa has a lot of spectacular locations that can help keep the big surprise a secret by making it feel like an ordinary day. Here are ten adventurous locations that she will never forget.

Botanical Gardens – Des Moines, Iowa

Photo from the American Public Gardens Association

This is a popular spot and we can definitely see why! Thousands of spectacular colors from flowers, cacti, succulents and more fill the Botanical Garden. It’s a great escape and a perfect place to set the mood before you ask the big question. Grab a bite of gourmet food at Trellis Café before taking a relaxing walk around the Garden.

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From Soldier to Designer (Tara Hutch Designs Q&A)

If you read our blog post from last month, you might’ve seen a not-so subtle ‘hint’ about a new line that we will be carrying very soon! Introducing Tara Hutch Designs.

Tara describes her designs as fine jewelry with an urban feel. She fabricates her jewelry with blackened silver and high karat gold, a process called Kuem Boo. She also uses semi-precious and precious stones to create her look.

As a young adult, Tara had no real strategy on what she wanted to do with her life so she began basic training. At the young age of 23, she enlisted and six years later, she led a squad during a deployment in Iraq. It was Valentine’s Day of 2006 and it’s a day she’ll likely remember forever.

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STYLE ALERT! The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2018

For a lot of women, following wedding trends and keeping up with style is a must. Aside from colored stone engagement rings that are on the rise in popularity, Etsy has released their 2018 wedding trends report based on popular searches in their shop. We can definitely see why they’re trending! *heart eyes*

From stacker rings to pets as bridesmaids (okay, kind of), there’s something for every alternative bride-to-be. These are some of our favorites from the list that we hope you will love just as much!

Pair of Stacker Rings are a wedding trend for 2018 - Josephs Jewelers

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JCK Las Vegas: We Picked Up a New Line + More

Our buyers had a blast in Las Vegas at the JCK event picking out new jewelry and gems that all of you are sure to love. They also looked around to find new lines that match what Josephs Jewelers has to offer… annnnnnd we just happened to find the perfect one!

Tara Hutchinson is the creator and designer of Tara Hutch Designs. Her website describes her unique pieces as “exquisite fine jewelry handcrafted with passion by wounded Army Combat Veteran and Master Goldsmith Tara Hutchinson to help women feel like rockstars.”

Tara Hutch Designs

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This Engagement Trend will give you a Pop of Color

josephs jewelers des moines iowa - engagement ring

A bold new statement is continuing to make its mark in the bridal industry, particularly with engagement rings. The industry is forever evolving, but the trend of colored stone engagement rings is continuing its rise in popularity this year. It’s sure to make you step away from those vintage, classic and simple styles.

In recent years, rose gold rings were a must-have. Just a few months ago, women fell in love with the story and design of Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring. This newer trend of colored stonesthat steps away from the traditional white diamondsis one that every woman could easily pull off.

Here’s why you should consider stepping out of the norm when it comes to the sentiment you’ll wear and remember for the rest of your life.

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Meet the Artist Behind Spiritiles: Houston Llew Q&A

We will be having a spectacular signing event with Houston Llew – the artist behind spiritiles – at our West Des Moines location on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) from 11 am to 3 pm. We will be having a giveaway for a SIGNED Des Moines spiritile! To be entered to win, simply come in to our West Des Moines location on May 5th to receive an entry. The winner will be drawn by Houston Llew at 3 pm and you do not need to be present to win.

What exactly are spiritiles? They are great home décor items that have an eye-catching image on the front and an inspiring saying on each side. Each tile is hand-made using painted glass that is kiln-fired onto copper and added between the outer frames. We’ll let Houston do rest of the talking with this Q&A:

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