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Designer Q&A: Sylvie Collection

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When it comes to jewelry, we particularly love ring mounting styles that are well-made and beautifully designed, not only for engagement rings but also for any occasion that calls for a stone to be mounted.  One of our jewelry partners, Sylvie Collection, has pieces that meet both those criteria effortlessly. We thought it would be nice to share a little insight on Sylvie herself and put a spotlight on her Belgian company’s engagement rings and fashion pieces!


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Designer Q&A: Sydney Lynch

Some of the most interesting jewelry pieces we carry in our store come from the designer Sydney Lynch. We love the thought she puts into her designs and her finished pieces are always amazing. We got a chance to catch up with her and let you in on some of her jewelry background and what makes her designs special.


One of our favorite bracelets with a beautiful large pear shape labradorite stone and blue sapphire accents in high-karat gold and oxidized sterling silver.

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Art Deco Jewelry


One of the most spectacular Art Deco bracelets we’ve seen come through our own estate jewelry collection.

Take one look at how popular estate jewelry is – a lot of people come into our store and bee-line it straight to our estate section – and you’ll find that most people are absolutely fascinated by jewelry from different eras. Read More

What it Takes to Size a Ring

We have eight bench jewelers here at Josephs and they stay continuously busy with jewelry repair and custom work (see some behind the scene photos of our shop here!).  One particular repair we take on quite frequently is ring sizing. We often get asked, “How exactly do you size a ring?” We thought we’d take this time to actually visualize the ring sizing process for you with photos for every step of the way. It’s neat to see the hard work and care involved with each piece we have the privilege to work on. Rest assured your rings are, quite literally, in good hands!

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Alexandrite: The Rare Color-Changing Stone

What comes to mind when we hear the gemstone, alexandrite?  Most people aren’t as familiar with this stone because of its extreme rarity. Which, because of its rarity, makes it one of the most interesting and intriguing gemstones to see in jewelry. Not only is the stone rare, but it has a beautiful color-changing effect that makes it truly one-of-a-kind.  And that’s the sort of thing we truly appreciate around here at Josephs!


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Industry News: Jaw-Dropping Diamonds

A lot happens in the jewelry industry on a daily basis.  It’s a constantly changing field, which makes being a part of the industry exciting.  We thought we’d share a couple of noteworthy news tidbits, and they happen to be about a gemstone most of us will forever and always be truly captivated by: diamonds!  And, these diamonds are far from ordinary – they’re large, beautiful, and worth millions.

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Introducing the Next Generation of TUDOR Watches

While we focus a lot on gemstones & jewelry these days, we can’t forget about our timepieces. In fact, we’ve been in business for 145 years and what started it all in 1871 was not just jewelry, but watch repair! Solomon Joseph was a certified railroad timer and worked on “railroad approved” pocket watches to be sure they were running on time. And when the 3:05 pm arrived, everyone’s watch said 3:05 pm. The rest is history.

One particular watch brand that also is steeped in history is TUDOR, a watch company not only with a rich history, but one that focuses on fine craftsmanship and style. The Swiss brand was created by Hans Wilsdorf in 1926 and had its official launch in 1946.

tudor early watch

One of TUDOR’s early 20th century watches (Courtesy of TUDOR)

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Aquamarine: A “Clear” Favorite

aqua titleTake one look around our colored gemstone cases and it’s easy to see that aquamarine is one of our favorites – we have a multitude of unique, custom-designed pieces set with beautiful aqua stones of all shapes, sizes and shades.  There’s something special about this stone in its ability to inspire great jewelry design, and it’s only appropriate to shine the spotlight on the stone today, because aquamarine is the designated birthstone for March!

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New Year, New Changes at Josephs Jewelers

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We’d like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone and we hope that you all are starting your 2016 off on the right foot! Everyone here at Josephs had a wonderful (and very busy!) holiday season, helping customers pick out special pieces for their loved ones. We never tire of the hustle and bustle around the holidays, and love that we can be a part of your family traditions.

A new year is a time for all of us to recharge, move forward and give a fresh perspective on things, and Josephs is no exception. And with that, we have some very exciting news to share with you! We will be consolidating our Josephs Valley West location with our West Glen and Downtown locations. We feel that this effort will allow Josephs, as a company, to better focus on our strengths. We’re very much looking forward to this change and with it, maintaining our excellent service and highest quality merchandise to all our customers in the years to come!

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