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Behind the Scenes: Our Bench Jewelers

Our in-house jewelry repair shop plays a big role in making things happen here at Josephs. We have a full staff of bench jewelers who do everything from mounting diamonds & colored stones, to restringing strands of pearls, to repairing clasps and even creating custom jewelry pieces. We also have professional watchmakers that help repair all kinds of watches, including Rolex.

We had one of our bench jewelers, Anna, take some behind-the-scenes photos to give everyone a good look into what a jeweler & watchmaker’s day is like. She took over our Instagram account this past week and shared some amazing photos – take a look at the exciting things that happen in our shop each & every day!

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Industry Perspective: John Dyer at the Tuscon Gem Show

A lot of what we do in the fine jewelry industry revolves around gemstones. Gemstones bring the color, the allure, the sparkle.  Different metals are matched and molded to create a truly compatible and beautiful end product that lets the stone do the talking.


Just a sampling of some loose gemstones we have in our lab.

But, finished gemstone jewelry doesn’t happen overnight.  In fact, gemstones pass multiple hands before they end up on your neck, finger, wrist or ears. Stone rough is cut precisely and carefully to be made into gemstones that are ready for jewelry.  These loose stones are then inspected thoroughly and hand-picked out of parcels that may contain thousands of one type of stone. At Josephs, there’s nothing we love more than to hand-select spectacular gems we believe will make amazing jewelry.  Or, the feeling we get when we find that perfect stone!  I guess you could say we’re gem nerds around here.

One of the biggest gemstone trade shows is in Tuscon, Arizona every February. It’s a fun and exciting event that showcases some of the best gemstone jewelry out there.  We decided to catch up with John Dyer, a world-famous gemstone cutter who has won 41 cutting awards, about his experience at this year’s gem show and what he has been focusing on for 2015.

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