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New Line: Little H Pearl Geodes


We love hearing about new developments in the jewelry industry, whether it’s unique ways to set stones, unexpected color & stone combinations, or simply something never seen before. Our new collection of pearl geodes (yes, you heard that right!) is no exception. Designed by Little H, these pieces are exactly what they sound like – different kinds of pearls carved like geodes and filled with smaller pearls, diamonds, sapphires and rubies.


Tahitian baroque & keshi pearls with black & colorless diamonds.

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Josephs’ September Anniversaries

Our employees are very important to us. Each department and individual play a vital role in ensuring we carry beautiful merchandise and perform top quality repair work.  We are proud of the Josephs team each and every day, and this month we’d like to say a big “thank you” to those who are celebrating their work anniversaries!

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Josephs Goes to JCK!


One of the biggest jewelry industry trade shows, hosted by JCK Magazine, is held in Las Vegas every year. Our buyers headed to JCK for this year’s show and they came back with a lot of new pieces, a couple of new lines & companies (to add to our growing catalog), and fresh perspective of new jewelry trends – much to the excitement of everyone on staff here at Josephs!

We’re looking forward to bringing the new pieces and trends to you, and here are our findings.

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Josephs Around The World

Josephs has been in the jewelry business for more than a century and in those 144 years, we’ve worked with many different business partners from all over the world. If you had to guess how many vendors Josephs has worked with, could you pull a number off the top of your head? Now drill down even further and try to guess how many countries, states, and cities in which we’ve done business. Here’s a hint: it’s a lot!

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The Jewelry Design Process


One thing we like doing here at Josephs is jewelry design. We enjoy every step of the jewelry design process, from design inception to seeing the finished piece for the first time. The first step is to get your jewelry creative juices flowing and come up with different designs, a lot of times relying on artistic talent to beautifully bring these designs to life. Whatever idea you have in your head, we can find a way to create it.

Laurie, one of our associates at our downtown location, happens to be extremely dexterous when it comes to putting pencil on paper. She shared some of her amazing sketches and posted them on our Instagram a few weeks ago, and we had to share them here too!

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Engagement Rings that Make the Cut!


Engagement rings and wedding bands are more than just a piece of jewelry for many people: they’re a symbol of lasting love and commitment. We know this decision is an important and personal one, and it should also be a fun and enjoyable one, too! You want your rings to reflect your personal style and have them be something you’ll love and cherish forever – and maybe even pass down to a loved one some day.

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Recap: Blenko Glass Signing Event

Last week we had a great event here at the store.  Walter Blenko, president of Blenko Glass, visited to offer insights on the glass business and sign finished pieces for customers.  Read more about the hand-blown glass company on one of our latest posts here.

In case you missed it, we’ve rounded up some good photos of the event. We hope those that attended came away with a personally signed new piece of Blenko glass!  Thank you to Walter for joining us at Josephs.


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Unique Mother’s Day Jewelry Designs


One thing that we love about jewelry is that it allows you to place special meaning & symbolism in each piece you wear. You may think of your first job when you wear a ring you bought yourself to celebrate your milestone; or, you may think of grandma when you wear her favorite bracelet she passed down to you. No matter the reason or occasion, the sentimental value we place on our jewelry is priceless!

One of the big sentimental jewelry holidays is Mother’s Day. Mother’s jewelry typically uses birthstones to create a piece that represents family members (however, we also like to think that you can use any stone you want to create a family piece, as long as it holds special significance for you!).

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Josephs Event: Blenko Glass Signing


Not only do we appreciate beautiful jewelry at Josephs, but we also have a passion for fine giftware items. We have a fun glass event coming up that we’re very excited to share with you!

On Saturday May 2nd from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, we’re hosting one of the premier hand-blown glass companies in the US, Blenko Glass, for a signing event at our West Glen location. The current president of this family owned & operated company based in Milton, West Virginia, will be here in person to offer signing on any Blenko glass piece.  Walter J. Blenko, Jr. has been president since 2003 and is the grandson of the company founder, William J. Blenko, who founded the company in 1893 (Josephs was in business for 22 years when Blenko started!).

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